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Coronation Activity Guide

Want to know what you can do to mark the coronation of King Charles III? With the coronation of King Charles III just around the corner, many are wondering how they can celebrate. And can you blame them? It’s been a while since there was last a coronation in the UK, so the celebration activities […]

The benefits of using a professional furniture restoration service

Why use a professional restoration service to revitalise your furniture? The items in our home are subject to wear and tear. But if you find an item is growing tatty, should you go to replace them? At Furniture Medic, we believe in the value, both sentimental and otherwise, of not giving up on what you […]

How to fix a stuck drawer

The best way to get that stuck drawer… unstuck. We’ve all been there. Red in the face, sweating profusely, growing in rage as that one blasted drawer just doesn’t budge. Trying to yank it open isn’t working and there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight, leaving you with nothing but a stress-induced headache. […]

How to get cats to stop scratching furniture

Why do cats scratch our beloved furniture? And how do you get them to stop? Furniture plays a valuable role in our homes, one that isn’t purely functional. As well as adding an aesthetic value to a room, our furniture items often hold enormous sentimental value. So, it can be painful when they come into […]

Professional vs DIY furniture repair

When it comes to furniture repair, what difference does a professional make? When faced with a problem, your instinct is probably to deal with it yourself. And in the age of information and technology, it’s never been easier to learn the skills required to perform some at-home furniture surgery. But how does a DIY furniture […]

Festive Recycling Tips

How to make sure your waste doesn’t go to waste this holiday season. Let’s be real: the holidays generate a lot of waste. From cooking, packaging, wrapping paper, and more, there’s normally no shortage of rubbish to haul away once the bins get collected again. Thankfully, the importance of recycling is becoming recognised on a […]

Firework-proofing your garden furniture

How to celebrate with fireworks whilst keeping your garden furniture safe. Now that we can officially bid Halloween farewell for another year, it’s time again to start thinking about Bonfire Night. If you’re planning on enjoying a firework show from home, you’ll want to make the right precautions to make sure you’re doing so as […]

How Furniture Medic restores damaged furniture

Damaged furniture? Don’t chuck it, Furniture Medic can fix it. Accidents happen, be it human intervention, or a turn in the weather – both your indoor and outdoor furniture at home or in your business is highly susceptible to damage from multiple sources. Especially during periods of extreme summer weather such as is currently being […]

How to make a DIY hammock

Celebrate National Hammock Day in style by following our tips to make your very own hammock. With the summer of 2022 already providing us with the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK, we thought we’d help you enjoy the heat and celebrate National Hammock Day with our tips on how to DIY your very […]

What is upcycling?

All there is to know about upcycling. You may have heard the term ‘upcycling’ or ‘upcycled’ thrown around online as of late. The word is becoming increasingly popular on online spaces line Etsy and Pinterest. But what actually is upcycling? How exactly does it benefit the environment, and how can you get upcycling yourself? What […]

Is refinishing wooden furniture worth it?

How to tell if a piece of wooden furniture is finished for good. Whether it’s a vintage piece that has been in your family for generations or something that just caught your eye at a flea market, it can often be tricky to place a value – either sentimental or monetary – onto items of […]

How to: Garden furniture maintenance

Here are some tips on patio and garden furniture maintenance and how to give your furniture some TLC this spring. It’s official: spring is here. The clocks have gone forward and the weather is warming up. So, you may be thinking that it’s time to crack out the patio furniture and spend some time in […]

Your Commercial Furniture Repair FAQs: Answered

Take upkeep off your to-do list with commercial furniture repair by Furniture Medic. Furniture in commercial properties can be around for a long time, and upkeep can be arduous. You don’t want to have to fork out to replace all the items in your building, but you might not have the time to ensure the […]

Fall back in love with your old furniture

Fall back in love with your old furniture this Valentine’s Day with Furniture Medic. Do you have some old furniture lying around that could use a little love? Unfortunately, many of us can get very used to our furniture – particularly items that we’ve had a long time. We can become so accustomed to seeing […]

Avoid flat pack frustration – Top ten tips

To aid the hapless DIY’er and prevent flat pack frustration, the experts at Furniture Medic have produced their ten top tips for success when facing a jigsaw of furniture pieces: Be thorough; it may seem obvious enough but many people go wrong by failing to get the basics right. First give yourself plenty of time, […]

New year, new furniture?

You might be thinking about making all sorts of changes and resolutions in the New Year, but does that have to include replacing old furniture? Happy New Year from all of us at Furniture Medic! If you’re in the resolution making mood, you might be looking at that old bedside table, chair, or desk and […]

5 items you can upcycle as Christmas decorations

Don’t want to shell out for expensive Christmas decorations? We’ve compiled a list of five things that you might have lying around that you can upcycle and give a new lease of life to this Christmas. With Christmas just around the corner, for many it’s decorating season. Whether you’re looking for something creative to do […]

Why you should be restoring your furniture, not replacing it

If you have an old piece of furniture that has long past its best, your first instinct might be to buy a new one and replace it. But there are plenty of reasons why choosing to restore it instead is the better option. It’s better for the environment Now more than ever, we are becoming […]