Fall back in love with your old furniture

Fall back in love with your old furniture

Fall back in love with your old furniture this Valentine’s Day with Furniture Medic.

Do you have some old furniture lying around that could use a little love? Unfortunately, many of us can get very used to our furniture – particularly items that we’ve had a long time. We can become so accustomed to seeing the same things day in and day out, that they eventually become, well… just part of the furniture.

A visit from our restoration professionals will get your vintage or damaged items looking as good as new in no time. At Furniture Medic, we have almost 30 years of experience in both domestic and commercial furniture restoration and repair, and over 500 independently owned and operated locations worldwide. Making us the world’s largest furniture restoration and repair company. And we can come to you! By finding your nearest Furniture Medic business today, you can receive a free quote and schedule a visit from our restoration technicians, or make an enquiry about our off-site services. No matter your query, our technicians have the right know-how the right tools for the job and are equipped to carry out a number of procedures, ranging from:

Polishing and refinishing
Repairing scratches, dents, and fire & flood damage
Colour matching
Upholstery repair, re-covering and filling replacement
Leather and frame repair
Spring and mechanism replacement and adjustments
And more!

Furniture Medic operates in a range of domestic and commercial settings from hotel and leisure, to retail, restaurants, and office businesses. Our technicians are also trained in the latest procedures and working practices to ensure that they are working safely during COVID19. So no matter your establishment or living situation, you can rest assured that our experts will carry out their work conscientiously and effectively.    

Whether you’re in need of our domestic or commercial services, show your old furniture some love this Valentine’s Day by giving Furniture Medic a call on 0800 021 3071 or by clicking here. It’s what we do.

Credit: Tom Page, Digital Content Writer – ServiceMaster