How to get cats to stop scratching furniture

Why do cats scratch our beloved furniture? And how do you get them to stop?

Furniture plays a valuable role in our homes, one that isn’t purely functional. As well as adding an aesthetic value to a room, our furniture items often hold enormous sentimental value.

So, it can be painful when they come into conflict with our favourite felines.

Any feline owner (or even casual observer) can tell you that they are fond of scratching.

Heck, one of the main complaints levelled against cats as a reason not to adopt one is that they may damage your furniture.

But why do cats make a habit of scratching furniture? And how can we get them to stop?

Why do cats scratch furniture?

Territory Marking

We all know that cats are hardwired differently due to their biology. Scratching is one of their more innate and natural needs.

We are likely all familiar with dogs’ habit of marking their territory with urine. Scratching is the same for cats.

By scratching your furniture, your cat is marking its territory.

Part of this is the visual act of leaving a mark. Part is an ephemeral signal left to other cats through their paws.

Almost like “Mittens was here,” only imperceptible to the non-cats.


But it is not just territory marking that causes them to scratch. Cats can also be motivated to scratch when they experience distress or discomfort.

You can usually spot signs of distress if your cat is scratching around many different areas in the home or near doors and windows.

The distress can come from forces external to your home, such as cats in an adjacent property.

Or from internal factors like other cats on the property or the changing and movement of furniture in the home.

How can I stop my cat from scratching furniture?

There are products on the market to stop your cat from damaging your precious furniture, like scratching posts or soothing essences for cats.

As well as homemade remedies to stop scratching.

Remember, scratching can tell you about how your cat is feeling.

It is also a biological need for them. This need is heightened first thing in the morning, so putting a scratching post near their bed is a good idea.

Functional scratching posts should be sturdy enough that they don’t wobble and tall enough that your cat can stretch fully.

How can I remove cat scratches from furniture?

At Furniture Medic, we know how important furniture is to people. That’s why we pride ourselves on being the first responders for furniture woes.

Our experts are passionate about restoration and can repair the damage done by scratches to your precious items.

To get your furniture seen by one of our medics, arrange a drop-off or collection at your nearest Furniture Medic business at your convenience.

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