How Furniture Medic restores damaged furniture

Damaged furniture? Don’t chuck it, Furniture Medic can fix it.

Accidents happen, be it human intervention, or a turn in the weather – both your indoor and outdoor furniture at home or in your business is highly susceptible to damage from multiple sources. Especially during periods of extreme summer weather such as is currently being experienced nationwide in the UK, and is set to continue for the next few weeks.

Whilst there are ways to protect and prepare your outdoor furniture from day-to-day damage, what about extreme cases like fire or flooding damage? When a disaster strikes in your home or business office, you might think you need to buy new furniture to replace damaged items. But there’s a more cost-effective way to revamp your rooms and office space. Furniture Medic’s disaster restoration services can repair any room, cabinetry or furniture damaged by a disaster.

The benefits:

There are multiple benefits to restoring your damaged furniture rather than replacing it. The key perk is that not only does furniture restoration save you time and money, but it also stops items from being thrown into landfill – helping out the planet and reducing your carbon footprint.

At Furniture Medic, restoration is at the heart of what we do. In fact, the brand was born when the company’s founder in the US was moving homes. Upon finding that several expensive pieces of furniture had been damaged in transit, rather than purchasing new he looked for alternative solutions. When he then found that most refinishing companies had an extremely long turnaround time. The idea of on-site furniture restoration was conceived and Furniture Medic was born.

With now over 30 years of experience operating in over 500 locations worldwide where we rescue components of the home that owners never thought possible. We believe in saving, not dumping damaged items. There’s no better feeling than transforming a fire or water-damaged piece back to its original, beautiful condition.

What does disaster restoration involve?

Disaster restoration services restore and repair furniture and cabinetry damaged by natural or manmade disasters.

Water Damage Restoration:

A major water leak or flood can severely damage your home or business. Luckily, our expert technicians have many years of experience minimising or undoing water damage. Popular water damage restoration services include repairing countertops, sinks and bathroom cabinets.

If you find your furniture damaged by water, there are ways to save it. However, if your home has been affected by severe flooding, it can be dangerous to try and clean up the mess yourself due to sewage water becoming brought up by the flood. In these cases, it’s best to contact your local disaster restoration service (such as ServiceMaster Restore) first to repair the immediate damage, before getting in touch with Furniture Medic to help fix your furniture items.

Fire Damage Restoration:

It may feel like your rooms and furniture cannot come back from fire or burn damage, but the talented Furniture Medic technicians are skilled at restoring pieces to their pre-loss condition. And in our years of experience, we have found that almost 95% of cabinetry can be repaired and restored after damage!

Like water damage, soot and other residual leftovers after a fire can cause health problems if not managed and cleaned properly. Specially trained experts with the right tools and training for fire and smoke clean-up like ServiceMaster Restore can make sure your home or office is safe to re-enter. We recommend contacting such professionals first rather than attempting the clean-up yourself.

Furniture Disaster Restoration:

At Furniture Medic, we also repair various home and office furniture. If a favourite chair has holes or ripped seams, you don’t have to say goodbye to it. We offer antique restoration services to make your old pieces look new again, and our upholstery services can mend the seams to make sure they are fit for purpose once more.

Tears and rips on a leather sofa or stool can distract from its beauty. Our leather services can repair these abrasions. You can also request touch-up services that will repair flaps, burns or worn-out areas.

Disaster damage doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for your furniture. Our experienced Furniture Medic technicians can bring back the original beauty of all of your beloved items. Find your nearest Furniture Medic business or call us on 0800 021 3071 today for a free quote and learn more about our disaster restoration services.