Why you should be restoring your furniture, not replacing it

If you have an old piece of furniture that has long past its best, your first instinct might be to buy a new one and replace it. But there are plenty of reasons why choosing to restore it instead is the better option.

It’s better for the environment

Now more than ever, we are becoming aware of the impact that the actions of individuals can have on the climate and wellbeing of our planet. Choosing to restore your old furniture is better for the environment because most old furniture when disposed of is thrown into landfill sites. Upcycling or restoring your furniture means that there is less waste in landfill, and you reduce your carbon footprint by not ordering in a new item to be produced and shipped from a factory.

Sentimental Value

On a more personal note, one of the key factors that may influence your decision whether or not to bin old furniture could be its sentimental value. Whether it has been passed down through your family or from a friend, our belongings can carry a lot of personal significance. If the memories that come with an item are stopping you from wanting to get rid of an item, upcycling or restoring it may be the way to go.

At Furniture Medic we handle your belongings with the respect and care they deserve, giving them whatever treatment they need for a new lease of life. That means you can go on to create even more memories, and polish off the old ones too.

It is more cost-effective

Restoring your old furniture is a lot easier on your wallet than shelling out for something new. Replacing an item can mean it costs the same, or even more than it did when you first bought it, so choosing to repair an old item can also save you a lot of money.

They just don’t make ‘em like they used to

If you purchased an item a while back, you may not even be able to replace it. Or, you may have bought a particularly expensive or high-quality piece of furniture. In this case, it should be a long-term investment, and looking after it is important.

If you find throwing away a piece of furniture isn’t an option for you, contact Furniture Medic today and we’ll restore it to its former glory.

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