Firework-proofing your garden furniture

How to celebrate with fireworks whilst keeping your garden furniture safe.

Now that we can officially bid Halloween farewell for another year, it’s time again to start thinking about Bonfire Night.

If you’re planning on enjoying a firework show from home, you’ll want to make the right precautions to make sure you’re doing so as safely as possible. This goes for more than just people too.

In case of the worst, it’s worth knowing what to do if you burn your garden furniture.

Reupholster burnt cushions

Accidents happen. Burns from fireworks and sparklers can go astray on bonfire night, whether from human error or something else.

When it comes to garden furniture, the most common damage caused by fireworks is burning to cushions as these can be very flammable.

If your outdoor cushions suffer burn damage, get in touch with your nearest Furniture Medic business. Your local furniture experts can help.

We offer comprehensive reupholstering services on a range of items, including garden furniture. This includes a full recovery of chairs and sofas to give them a new lease of life after they have been damaged.

If burns have marked your upholstery with smaller damage, or they have been covered in smoke, get in touch with ServiceMaster Clean, the upholstery cleaning experts from our ServiceMaster Brands UK family.

Repairing burn damage to wooden furniture

Burns on wood furniture can range from scorches to deep char, and because wooden materials can vary so much on outdoor furniture, whether scorch damage is fixable differs case-by-case.

For some, damages can be removed as long as the problem doesn’t go beyond the surface and extensively affect the wood.

More serious burns will require the removal of the charred area. Any shallow burns, when repaired, will always leave an indent in the wood, but this is often slight and unnoticeable. In contrast, deeper burn holes can be filled.

Get in touch with the experts

For help with firework damage to your furniture, get in touch with your nearest Furniture Medic business today or call 0800 021 3071 for a free quote on our services or to find out more.