The benefits of using a professional furniture restoration service

Why use a professional restoration service to revitalise your furniture?

The items in our home are subject to wear and tear.

But if you find an item is growing tatty, should you go to replace them?

At Furniture Medic, we believe in the value, both sentimental and otherwise, of not giving up on what you already have.

And while your well-loved and well-used furniture may seem worse for wear, restoring it has many benefits.

What is involved in furniture restoration?

In Tristan Salazar’s ‘The Complete Book of Furniture Restoration’, he defines restoration as ‘an attempt to conserve and restore pieces to their original state with an allowance for the effects of time.’

Furniture restoration isn’t about removing all the life and character from your pieces.

It’s about restoring their condition and functionality for future use while retaining the beauty of their history.

The benefits:

There are multiple benefits to using a professional furniture restoration service.

  • It saves time and money.
  • It’s better for the environment, as it stops items from being thrown into landfill.
  • Extends life of the piece: Often built from quality materials, old furniture can be revived in a way that modern furniture cannot, as newer pieces tend to be made from mass-produced and lower-quality materials.

This makes them more likely to last longer than the furniture that you might replace it with.

  • Health benefits: Said mass-produced, low-cost furniture can create indoor air pollutants. These include VOCs (Semi-volatile organic compounds), often found in newer soft furnishing, that lead to nausea and headaches.

Similarly, furniture made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) has been found to produce harmful toxic fumes, lowering air quality in your home or business. This is usually avoided in older pieces made of quality wood and veneers.

  • Rarity: Older items are often scarce or even ‘extinct’.

Not only does this impact an item’s sentimental value, but also potential resale value in years to come.

An heirloom or older piece is often worth more due to the lack of availability at most retailers. If you can’t find an exact replacement item, it’s time to restore it instead.

  • Personal value: Speaking of sentimental value, if you’ve had a piece for a long time, you’re likely to be attached to it.

 Watching a favourite item degrade over time can be painful. But by the same token, discarding it is likely more painful. Not to mention expensive and unnecessary.

In need of professional furniture restoration?

Wear and tear don’t mean the end of the road for your furniture.

Our experienced Furniture Medic technicians restore the original beauty of your items by reinstating them to as close to their original condition as possible. Often for a lower cost than buying new.

Over time, our furniture can fail ill with many ailments. Luckily, your first responders are on hand when you need us.

Don’t throw away your old items before their time.

Instead, gift them a new lease of life by finding your nearest Furniture Medic business or calling 0800 021 3071 today for a free quotation on our services.