Restore Not Replace

Are you sitting there contemplating if you should replace or restore an item of your furniture?

There are plenty of reasons why restoring your furniture can be a better investment than buying a new piece.

Here are some reasons that may push you in the direction of restoring.

Something sentimental

You may have a bit of furniture that you really don’t want to throw out because it has some kind of sentimental value.

Maybe it’s been passed down a few generations and it something that you want to pass down to the next generations within your family.

Here at Furniture Medic UK we won’t just restore your furniture but restore the memories that comes with the sentimental piece.

This is probably the number one reason why most people would prefer to restore rather than replace.

Quality in question

“They don’t make stuff like they used to anymore”

If you have purchased an expensive and better-quality item of furniture, in essence this should be a long-term investment and looking after it is important.

If you have an item of furniture that was a large investment and you don’t want to just dispose of it then get Furniture Medic to restore this item for you.

Environmentally friendly

With many people jumping at any chance to help save our planet nowadays, restoring your furniture is one of those opportunities.

Lots of older furniture is thrown out and disposed of onto a landfill site.

To help reduce landfill, why not upcycle or restore instead!

It is 100% more environmentally friendly as you are helping reduce your carbon footprint and reducing the consumption of Earth’s critical natural resources, by not conforming to purchasing a new item built in a factory somewhere.

Cut the cost

Restoring your old furniture is a lot easier on your bank balance instead of purchasing a new item.

If your furniture was purchased at some value and the same item is now costing you more to purchase as new, then restoring this item is 100% going to be worth it for you.


Join our Restore Not Replace concept to be more environmentally friendly and help save our precious planet.

Call us today to restore your furniture, be it an old antique or a newer piece that you would like to hold on to for a bit longer. Find your local Furniture Medic UK here.