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Protecting your garden furniture in Winter

It’s coming up to winter and getting colder outside, which means the outdoor furniture needs to be protected.

Winter can have an effect on all types of outdoor furniture, be it plastic, wood or metal, so here are some tips to help you know what to do with your furniture during winter.

Clean, clean, clean

After the kind of summer that we’ve had, we’re pretty sure your furniture has been put to good use this year, and probably needs a good cleaning!

Here are some quick tips to clean your outdoor furniture:

  • First, remove cushions and machine wash these if possible, according to the care instructions. If you can’t machine wash, then these can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a sponge.
  • Use hot soapy water to wipe down the furniture (including your parasol), giving all a good scrub, from all of the gathered dirt and grime, from people that have sat on it from your numerous garden parties.
  • Give the furniture a quick rinse with cool water and wipe off any excess water.
  • Leave to dry where possible, fingers crossed it doesn’t rain in the next couple of days for you!

Storage solutions


You need to be careful where you store your furniture, especially the cushions.

No – Your garage or shed will not have the best insulation and will cause damp to affect your cushions, so do not store them in there.

Yes – Instead, store them inside where possible, maybe in an airing cupboard or the cupboard under the stairs.s

Ensuring they are stored as they are and not in a plastic bag or air tight container is important to allow them to air.


Storing your parasol inside is important again to ensure it isn’t open to the elements of the cold winter months.

Slightly different to storing cushions, your parasol can be stored in a plastic sheet if needed.


Now for the furniture, the majority of you will probably not have room to store them inside your home, however if you can then definitely do so.

For those of you that cannot store your furniture inside here are some tips:

  • Place the furniture underneath some kind of sheltered area in your garden
  • Use some kind of furniture covering, a plastic sheet would be fine
  • Tie down the plastic sheeting or furniture cover as efficiently as possible

Now you know how to store your garden furniture correctly during the winter, you will have it ready to be used when spring has sprung.

If you find anything broken, stained or anything else wrong with your garden furniture, get in touch with your nearest Furniture Medic business to find out more about our services or book a free quote.