wooden table repaired

Repair of wooden table

1: Stained and damaged table from Carrigans Family Restaurant before repair.

damaged wooden table top

2. Sanding down the table using a dust free system allows restoration at location without removal of furniture required. This process often requires up to 5 different grades of sanding starting with the course grade and ending in a very fine grade. Additional Fine cleaning is required to complete this stage.

sanding table

3. Where possible water based stains are used, the stains bring out the natural grain pattern on the wood, much more than older methods of spraying the wood with solvent based lacquers which contain both the colour and protection which mask the grain.

applying new stain

4. Applying the lacquer. once the correct colour level has been achieved and it has dried fully the lacquer can be applied. In this case we are using a bar top lacquer as these tables are used without any form of protection in a fast moving environment. The lacquer is applied using a mohair roller. To do this the environment must be prepared all of the equipment must be perfectly clean, the temperature and drying conditions must be monitored. Up to 5 coats of lacquer is applied paying attention to curing time

applying new lacquer

5. To finish has a superior finish both in appearance and function. The table will give many years of service with excellent performance. The only cleaning process is simple, damp cloth with or without detergent, then dry cloth to dry and polish off.

finished table