Let’s get quizzical!

Christmas is a time for friends and family, and what better way to spend an evening than with a few competitive games or quizzes? If you’re entertaining this winter, follow our simple tips here to keep your furniture free from damage.


Don’t give your guests ball point pens to write their answers down with as ball point ink is normally indelible, particularly on leather. Use pencils instead!

Everyone will need something to lean on if filling in a paper  quiz, so remember to use mats or old books. If you’re writing  on a wooden table, always use a cover or place mats as pens  and pencils can scratch surface.

If you do mark your leather sofa with a ball point pen, it’s  important to act quickly. If your leather is unfinished, it can  be difficult to clean without professional help as it’s extremely  absorbent and can be stained with water. For protected  leather, apply a small amount of leather cleaner to a soft  cloth and gently dab at the area whilst the ink is still fresh.  Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully to  avoid causing more damage.

If you do damage your leather furniture or you cannot remove a stain, you may need to call in the professionals to re-colour and re-finish the piece.

Don’t be tempted to use under-the-sink products to remove stains from upholstery or leather unless they are formulated for this purpose. People often mistakenly use vodka, WD40 and hairspray to clean leather furniture as these are recommended online, but they can do more harm than good. They may indeed remove the stain to some extent, but they will also destroy the protective lacquer coat on leather.

Prevention is better than a cure

It’s best to prevent damage to your furniture before it occurs. Prevent staining by covering upholstered furniture with throws and blankets before any guests arrive. Festive drinks can leave ring marks on the arms of leather sofas if left to dwell. Any spillages on leather should be cleaned immediately with a slightly damp cloth (don’t use much water) and allowed to dry fully before anyone uses the furniture.