Has winter lefts its mark on your home?

During the winter, we spend more time inside, which means our furniture and soft furnishings endure more wear and tear that at any other time of the year.

The weather may be on the outside, but there are tell-tale footprints that indicate that the weather sometimes transfers indoors.

The hot and hearty meals that sustain the soul in the dark winter months may also inadvertently challenge the surfaces in our homes. Whether it’s the heat ring marks on the coffee table from a mug of hot chocolate or the winter stew that spilled on to the dining table, your furniture may be left looking a little jaded.

Prevention is always the best cure so we advise quality coverings; table mats and coasters are a good start. However, if the worst has already happened, you can seek help for that. Whatever the issue, Furniture Medic can restore your furniture back to its former glory.

Moving into the spring brings its own challenges for our homes. Invest in a good quality door mat, both inside and outside. Encourage the family and guests to use it and to take their shoes off as they enter your home. Cold drinks should never be placed directly onto a unprotected surface and try to avoid eating messy foods on your sofas or upholstered furniture.

Protecting your beloved furniture and home comforts need not be a chore but a way of life. We love furniture and we love to see an unloved or forgotten piece restored back to its former glory. Find your nearest Furniture Medic here for a free quotation with no obligation.