How to create a paint washed effect

Our furniture restoration experts are often asked to help with an upcycling project or to provide advice for a DIY project. If you have an old piece of furniture needing some love, such as this old toy chest, here’s some tips to help you to create a paint washed effect:


What you’ll need:

  • Two colours of chalk paint
  • Sand paper
  • Two paint brushes

What to do:

  • Lightly sand to remove splinters/rough edges if necessary, wipe down
  • Using chalk paint, apply a base coat. This doesn’t have to be neat and not too thick. Leave to dry.
  • For the contrast colour, add a little water to the chalk paint to reduce consistency.
  • Using a dry paint brush, dip the tip of the brush in the paint and wipe off excess.
  • With a very light touch and only the tip of the brush, paint over random areas of base coat. Leave to dry.
  • Sand back some areas to expose layers beneath.

For a natural look, do not apply a wax or protective finish.

We don’t advise trying to create a paint washed effect on brand new furniture with a protective layer. For more advice, contact your local Furniture Medic team, you can find them here.