Give your furniture a new lease of life

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your old furniture look new. Adding little touches can make a big difference. Here at Furniture Medic, we never like to see usable furniture thrown away, so here’s some great ideas to transform a lack-lustre piece into a showstopper!

Brass corners

Add a vintage or art nouveau feel to a plain coffee table or chest of drawers by adding brass corners. Simple to fit and relatively cheap from most DIY stores, these can really make a difference to the piece.

Just be sure to measure them correctly and ensure your adhesive or screws are suitable for the type of material you’re working on.

Top tip: Always mark and pre-drill a shallow pilot hole for screws – it’ll take a little longer, but it will ensure your screw is straight and true!

Paint the outside

Make a beautiful wooden piece really stand out by adding a touch of colour to just one part of it. You don’t have to paint the whole piece of furniture, but you could transform a tired chest of drawers by painting the outside with a contrasting colour, leaving the drawers as they are.

Keep it simple with neutral colours or make a statement piece by painting your piece with a bright colour. You could paint the inside of the drawers a contrasting colour too!

For more information on how to paint wooden furniture, visit our page on creating a washed paint effect here.

Replace handles and knobs

Adding decorative knobs and handles to doors and drawers can instantly change the look of a piece of furniture. Your local DIY store will have a great selection, but why not try a local vintage boutique shop for something unique.

Always remove one of the handles or knobs first to check the paint underneath doesn’t need touching up beforehand. You can always take one with you shopping to ensure the size fits too.

For advice and ideas, why not contact your local furniture restoration experts at Furniture Medic here.